A Vegan Guide To Foods

038 Vegan FoodsThe kinds of food that we eat comprise a big part of our lifestyle. These foods, more often than not, reflect our beliefs, cultural ideologies and perceptions about life. This is the main reason why in so many parts of the world, a wide variety of dishes are exclusively prepared and served. In Asia, for example, rice is a staple food. But in North America and other continents, it is not.

This food philosophy applies to those who also do or adapt a certain diet. Just like what an old saying says, “You are what you eat”. At present, more and more people are getting into vegan foods. This entails the elimination of any kind of animal products from their food intake, including dairy and eggs. Such kind of food preference rooted on the belief of vegans that animals are not meant to be exploited or eaten.  This includes the non-consummation of dairy products and eggs. Vegetarians also share the same kind of principle with vegans, though there are some who still eat either eggs or dairy products or both.

One doesn’t have to go outside the city to look for these particular kinds of foods. Nowadays, vegan foods are increasingly becoming commercially available in supermarkets and restaurants across the world. Sports athletes also practice veganism. So, how to go being vegan? Here are examples of the food they eat which you can try.



Also known as bean curd, is a food prepared through the process of soy milk coagulation wherein the curds are formed into soft white blocks. This kind of food is commonly found in many Asian countries’ cuisine. Tofu is known to have a low calorie count and fat yet rich in protein, iron, calcium and magnesium. It can be prepared and cooked to become vegan dishes like scrambled tofu, chocolate mousse and fried tofu.



If you don’t like eating tofu, then, perhaps, you can try eating this dish made from cooked and fermented soybeans. Companies also mix other grain varieties like barley to enrich its flavors. Tempeh is also rich in protein and calcium and also has a nutty, textured flavor. Because of its low fat and high protein content, many vegans try to incorporate tempeh in their daily meals.



Seitan is another term for wheat gluten which is made from the main protein of wheat. This is prepared by swabbing wheat-based flour dough with running water until all the starch it is gone. This will leave an elastic mass of insoluble gluten which is then, prepared and cooked, before eaten. Like other vegan foods, seitan is also very easy to prepare.

How Vegan Came Into Existence

052 VeganVeganism refers to the type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal related products. There are also groups of vegans that do not eat foods that are processed using animal products or foods that have animal related ingredients such as refined white sugar and varieties of wines. Vegans simply refer to the person or individual that follows this way of diet.

Veganism can be traced back to the Ancient India and Greece but the tern vegetarian came into use only in the 19th century. The term vegetarian was used to refer the people or group of people who avoided eating meat and animal derived products.

During the 19th century there are several attempts to establish strict vegetarian communities. In the year 1834, an American transcendentalist Amos Bronson Alcott opened the Temple School in Massachusetts wherein strict vegetarian principles were imposed. Alcott House in Ham Surrey, England was also opened in the year1838 by James Prierrepont. It was a community and school that follow a strict vegetarian diet. Alcott also founded in the year 1844 a community in Harvard wherein they opposed the use of animals for any purpose such as faming. The Harvard based community is called Fruitlands. Alcott House was also one of the proponents in forming the British Vegetarian Society in the year 1847.

The group of vegetarians who are more concerned in moral aspects of diet began to discuss abstaining from using animal products entirely. There is even as article in the Vegetarian Society’s magazine in the year 1851 that talks about the alternatives for leather shoes. Henry Salt an English campaigner wrote an essay entitled Plea for Vegetarianism. In his essay he argued about the vegetarianism as a moral imperative but in his later works, the author became one of the first writers to make the paradigm shift promotion of the animal welfare in order to accept the rights of the animals. Through his works, he was able to influence Mahatma Gandhi wherein the two became friends eventually.

In the year 1935 the Vegetarian Society’s journals have observed that the issue about vegetarians ought to eat dairy products and eggs becomes more pressing each year. During that time, vegetarianism was not seriously observed by the followers. In an article written by Leslie Cross a member of the Leicester Vegetarian Society, she said that there are still numbers of vegetarians that consumes or drinks cow’s milk.

After several years, Vegetarian societies were divided into several sects wherein one of which is the veganism. Veganism was the types of vegetarians that do not eat or use any animal derived products.

Are Vegan Diets Really Healthy?

There is an argument about vegan diets if it is healthy or not. Some people say that being vegan diet is not healthy because you are depriving yourself with delicious food. But in vegan’s point of view, their diet is the healthiest diet in the world. Each of us may have our own opinion when it comes to diet but the only way to know and understand if vegan diets are healthy or not is to simply try it yourself. We all know that vegans do not eat or use anything that comes from animal. These are the people who support animal rights. They do not consume animal products or even use them. So, in short everything that they use and eat is green. Green means eco-friendly food and materials. Did you know that there are so many Hollywood stars that were converted to veganism? There are too many to mention. But to answer the question if vegan diets healthy or not, I would say yes it is healthy.

137 Vegan Diets

How can you say that vegan diet is not healthy if you are eating healthy and nutritious vegetables and fruits? You can’t also say that they are deprived to eat delicious food because there many ways to cook vegetarian food. There are now vegetarian pizza, vegetarian burger, and other vegetarian recipes. Their world does not only go around vegetable salad. There so many delicious vegetarian recipes that tastes better than other types of recipes. It’s healthy, satisfying, and very delicious. If you notice that in every diet program, eating of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended is because of the vitamins and nutrition that you can get from it. So, if it is highly recommended, why not make it your diet? Did you see how healthy vegetarian people are? They are also happy people because they don’t suffer from any major health issues. If you say that they are deprived from protein, you are wrong because eating tofu and soya beans is a good source of protein. It is as good as eating meat.

You see how healthy vegan diets are? So, if you want to maintain a healthier life and maintain your sexy body, I would say that you start converting yourself to veganism. You don’t need to do it immediately but you can do it gradually until your body is use to it. Conversion is a process and you need to be sure that you can stand for it.

Easy Vegan Recipes For Your Vegan Lifestyle

091 Vegan LifestyleHaving a vegan lifestyle means consuming only vegetable and fruits. This allows you to take in several foods packed with nutrients and vitamins. When you have a vegan lifestyle, you only consume plant-based foods, which mean you do not eat meat, poultry, and other dairy products. It does not necessarily mean that you are on a diet. A vegan lifestyle is a shift of lifestyle.

When you are a vegan, sometimes eating outside can be troublesome. Some vegan restaurants are too costly. The best and practical way is to learn easy vegan dishes you could cook for yourself.


Chipotle Bean Burritos

In thirty minutes, you could already create a Chipotle Bean Burrito. A serving of this burrito will contain 370 calories. The vitamins you will get are vitamins A and C. You will be consuming calcium and iron from this dish. You will be needing tortillas, pinto beans, green onions, salsa, lettuce, fat free sour cream, low fat cheddar cheese, and chili powder. First, bake the tortillas at a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the other ingredients as the filling of your tortilla wraps. You can serve it mashed guacamole.


Veggie Chinese Pancakes

Veggie Chinese pancakes can be serves in as fast as 25 minutes. The ingredients you will need are mushrooms, spice powder, rice wine, sesame oil, sugar, Chinese pancakes, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, cucumber, lettuce, and onions. First, polish the pan with sesame oil and heat the pan. Heat the mushroom together with the soy sauce, spice powder, rice wine, and sugar until the mushrooms are brown. Steam the pancakes and serve it with other vegetables from your ingredients.


Kale Pesto

Kale pesto can be used in so many ways. You can use it as sauce for your pasta, salad, sandwich, eggs, and others. You can even add walnuts and almonds to your kale pesto. For this meal, you need garlic, kale, basil leaves, sea salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, and grated low fat cheese. In a food processor, mix all the ingredients. When the ingredients are combined thoroughly, add the olive oil and the cheese. After which, you can add the sauce in your pasta or use it as a topping in any food you want.


Chilled Cantaloupe Soup

This soup is very easy to make. You will need a large cantaloupe that is chilled. You will also need orange juice. Blend the cantaloupe and the orange juice together. Blend it until the soup has become smooth. Creating this soup will take 10 minutes of your time. This only has 81 calories per serving.

Places Where You Can Find Vegan Foods

047 Where to find Vegan FoodsA lot of people now are going vegan. They go on this diet for various reasons but mostly because they want to lose weight and be healthy or they are against animal consumption. Vegan diet is just another type of vegetarian diet but aside from excluding meat it also excludes animal- derived products like eggs, honey and dairy. Since most of what we eat daily includes animal products, you may have a notion that vegan foods are difficult to get hold of. However, there are actually several places where you can acquire vegan foods for your daily needs. Here are some of the places where to find vegan foods.


1. Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

You can easily spot vegan foods and ingredients in the supermarkets and grocery stores near you. There is always a produce section in every supermarket where you can get fruits and vegetables. You can also buy tofu, dairy substitutes, and other vegan foods there.


2. Farmer Markets

There are probably farmer markets near you where you can get fresh produce weekly. They sell organic fruits and vegetables which you can buy in bulk or in little amounts. You can be assured that they are fresh and healthy for they have no preservatives and are delivered directly from the farm.


3. Ethnic Stores

Through buying foods from ethnic stores, you can try a variety of new flavors and tastes. You can buy seaweed, noodles, tofu, miso and a lot more in this type of stores. Exotic and tropical fruits and vegetables are also available. Some also sell kosher and halal foods. Another advantage would be that the products are less cheap so if you have a budget, these stores will be perfect for you.


4. Online Stores

There are a number of online stores which sell vegan foods. Aside from it is convenient because you will purchase at home or by your phone, you can also choose from a wide variety of products. They usually sell foods and ingredients that you cannot easily see in brick and mortar stores such as baking goods, sauces, desserts, vegetarian ham, Textured Vegetable Protein or what is commonly known as TVP and other vegan items, snacks and treats.

The places on where to find vegan foods are numerous. If you want to go vegan but is thinking twice about it because of the availability of the foods that you will eat, you should worry no more. There are a number of options for you to choose from and if you will just be resourceful and creative, you can enjoy eating vegan foods all you want.

What Are The Types Of Vegan Foods

108 Vegan FoodsBeing a vegetarian is a big decision to make because you will be giving up the best foods in the world – meat products. For some this is insane and impossible to do but for vegetarian people this is very easy and their way to maintain a healthy life. But there are levels of vegetarians that exist in this world. The regular vegetarian people who are not that strict with their commitment and the deeper type of vegetarians are call vegans. Vegan people are the ones who are truly committed with their conversion. If you want to be converted with veganism, you need to think about it hundred times, because this is not a joke. There will be big changes in your life especially with your diet. Began people are very strict in living their vegan life because these are the people who will not only become converted for self-benefit reason but also to support animal rights.

Being a vegan has a deeper meaning aside from eating pure vegetable food. There are vegan groups that are doing this because they want to support animal right and stop animal cruelty. In short, they are doing this to save lives and help the environment. If you notice that animals are killed not only for food but to make clothing materials. Like those ostrich skin, snake skin, rhino skin, elephant tusk, leopard skin, tiger skin, and other animal prints that are sold. Animal skin are use to make leather products. The sad part is, some of these animals that I have mentioned are already in danger, meaning that there are only few of them left living in this world and sooner or later they will become extinct. Human can be harsh and cruel to nature for selfish reasons and for money reason. That’s why there are people who become converted to veganism to stop this cruelty to nature.

Vegan people only eat pure vegetables and any food that are not related to animals. They also don’t use products and materials that are made from animal skin or anything that came from animals. When it comes to their food, they don’t eat dairy products like animal milk, eggs, cheese, and anything that is made from animal resources. In short, vegan people will only eat an wear a non-animal products to pursue their campaign to stop animal cruelty and to keep a healthy life. if you are wondering where they will get the protein that they need, they can always get that from soya beans.

Buying Natural Supplements Online Without Getting Rip Off

109 Natural SupplementsWhen it comes to shopping with convenience and comfort, nothing beats online shopping. Shopping is a good pampering method when you are in a bad mood or if you had a bad day. Buying something for yourself can make you feel better. Like for example if you want to buy natural supplements for your health. But sometimes, shopping can be the other way around; it can be stressful if you shop in a wrong manner. Shopping at the mall can be stressful because you need to fall in a long line, you have to walk from one store to another and if you are wearing high heels walking for a long time can hurt your legs. Another very common thing that happens is the risk of losing your wallet because both of your hands are full and your mind is busy that you tend to lose focus on other things like your wallet or cell phone. That’s why many people would love to do online shopping because they don’t need to experience all of that. They will have the comfort of their bed while doing their shopping. Isn’t that great? But there is also a risk in online shopping – scam! To prevent you from getting victimized by scammers, these are the things that you need to do.


Only Choose Trusted Stores

Be keen when choosing an online store, make sure that they are legal, they have permits and license. See how long they have been on the business, and read testimonials from people who have already used their services. By this you would know if the store really exist or just a scam. Avoid stores that are privately owned, instead choose a company so you would know who run after.


Be Open To Other Options

Always consider other options. Don’t just stick to one store. Be patient in checking other stores so you would a wider scope to choose from. Don’t worry because there will be hundreds of stores that you can check online but only choose those that are included on top 20 list.


Take Time To Read Terms & Conditions

Every time you buy something online, always take time to read the terms and condition especially if it’s your first time to buy on that store. This will give you knowledge about their system and you would know what to do in case you encounter problems in the future.


Don’t Hesitate To Make A Call Before Placing Your Order

For your security, you can also make a call so you would know that you are dealing with real people. You can also ask if you have any concerns regarding their system.

These are just simple things but very important things that needs to be applied if you don’t want to get rip off.

Plant Your Own Natural Foods Supply

083 Natural FoodsThe term “natural foods” or “all natural foods” are commonly used to label food products. This is part of the marketing strategies of most food companies, because this sends the message about health benefits. But you don’t have to trust all those food products that claims that their products is made of all natural ingredients because some of them maybe lying just to make a sale. Do you want to know how you can be sure of really having the real natural foods? My suggestion would be to plant your own natural foods. Did you know that you can start your own vegetable garden? You can do it both indoor and outdoor. You don’t need to have green thumb to grow your own herbs, all you need is information about how to grow and start a vegetable garden.

You can find this information online. There are factors that should be considered before you can start your own vegetable garden. Let’s start with the types of herbs or vegetables that you want to grow. If you are a beginner, just start with two to three types of herbs, so you won’t have a hard time growing them and you can monitor their growth properly. You can check the internet about different types of herbs that you can grow. The choice will be up to you. You can start with tomatoes, herbs (rosemary, mint, basil, oregano, chives, thyme, cilantro, and etc), chili, and other healthy vegetables that you love to grow. By this, you can actually start making your own vegetable salad without spending too much because everything that you need is already in your garden.

You will not only enjoy the health benefits that you can get from it, you will also enjoy a healthy meal and also save money out of it. These herbs and natural ingredients cost more in the market that means that if you want to enjoy a healthy meal, you need to spend money for it. That’s why in the U.S., many Americans are now learning how to start their vegetable garden for their own consumption. You can even earn money because you can sell the excess supply to your neighbors or at the market.

Now, go ahead and tart your research about different types of herbs and vegetables that you can plant in your garden. This may take time to grow them but once they have already reach the adult stage, you can start enjoying every harvest.

How To Be A Vegetarian

154 VegitarianMany people say that being a vegetarian is like depriving yourself to eat the food that you love to eat. Well let me correct this idea because this is actually the opposite of what a real vegetarian feel with regards to their diet. As a matter of fact, most vegetarian people will tell you that they actually enjoy every piece of their meal and they feel more satisfied than being deprived. Many people also say that being a vegetarian is unhealthy because you won’t be able to get other necessary nutrients like protein. What most don’t understand that protein is not only found on flesh or animal meat, although that is the top source of protein. They don’t know that you can also get sufficient supply of protein from beans like soya beans and tofu is also a great source of protein.

Now you might be wondering how you can get converted to be a vegetarian? This is not as difficult as you think but it’s not that easy as well. Because, the greatest challenge that you will be facing is to get rid of the food that you love to eat especially if it involves meat. Once you turn into a vegetarian, you will not be eating anything that is of animal flesh. Being a vegetarian has actually different levels. There are vegetarian that totally exclude anything that has to do with animal products, processed food, dairy products, and items made of animal skin like bags, belts, shoes, and etc. This type of vegetarian are called strict vegetarian or veganism. Another type of vegetarians is those still eat some dairy products like eggs, butter, and etc. they only avoid meat. Now, it will be up to you which of these two you will want to be.

You can actually do this gradually or step-by-step. You can buy some guide books on how to be a vegetarian so you would know the steps that you should take before you can become a certified vegetarian. For some it’s easier but for other it’s a little challenging. But that will depend on your determination. If you are determined to change your diets to a vegetarian then you need to do the best you could whatever it takes. You also need to change your grocery lists. Get rid of meats and other animal made products. Replace them with more vegetables and fruits. Don’t you worry because there are also delicious recipes for vegetarian like you? You can check in the internet or you can buy vegetarian recipe books.

The Healthy Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

052 VeganMost vegans are in the state of preserving the animal race. That’s the main purpose of most vegans. They choose to be vegans because of animal rights. They do not eat any farm animals or any kind of animals. They don’t even eat animal products like eggs or dairy products like milk and cheese. Other vegans chose not to eat any animal products because of personal and health issues. They claim so many benefits since they have started to become vegans.

A lot of people have experienced different kind of benefits. First, they experience a big change on their skin. From an acne-prone and allergic skin, it became a beautiful, clear skin. Some people may get skin irritation from dairy products which make a link between dairy products and the improvement of your skin’s overall appearance.  Of course the common nutrients that green plants contain are very essential for our body. Those vitamins and minerals that we get from green plants can be very beneficial for the improvement of our physical appearance.

The next thing that vegans noticed about avoiding animal products is they sleep better than the usual. A lot of people proved that being vegan can give you more energy in the day and it will let you sleep more comfortable than you can be. Ordinary people who eat animal products can stay up all day, but they will be less comfortable when it comes to sleeping.

Beside from having health benefits, there are also some personal benefits hidden in a vegan diet. They have proved that after they have switched into vegan diet, they have meet new people and community and their social life has been improved in just one click. They met some people who have the same theory and philosophy in life. They even ended up as couples and married with a vegan wedding.

The last thing they have experienced after being vegan is a whole new world of food. Vegans have plenty of varieties when it comes to food. Unlike ordinary people, they stick with meat like chicken or pork everyday. With vegans, different flavors of green veggies can be tasted everyday. They can cook different kinds of menus with just green plants. They enjoy eating because they know that there would be a lot of benefits from being a vegan. There is nothing to worry about because green plants only contain vitamins and minerals that can replenish our blood and organs.

The Benefits Of A Vegan Lifestyle

Though it may seem drastic to cut meat and animal products from the diet, there are hundreds of thousands of people that do it every single day. Followers of the Vegan lifestyle, which includes a diet free from meat and animal products like eggs and dairy products, achieve a healthy lifestyle with a diverse group of foods including vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts.

Cutting meat from the diet to achieve the vegan lifestyle does come with proven health benefits. Some of the benefits include:

An increased energy level. Whole grains as carbohydrates provide us with the energy needed to exercise and go through our daily activities. Including fruits, vegetables and grains in the diet means getting back to the natural foods that we were meant to eat, reducing fats and processed carbohydrates that can contribute to decreased energy levels.  Typically those on the hcg drops diet experience a loss of energy due to the low caloric intake.

Following a Vegan diet can also help to overcome weight gain and finally shed those last few pounds that fad diets were unable to touch. The fresh fruits and vegetables included in the diet provide constant energy, while the whole grains included in the diet provide a source of fiber, helping to achieve weight loss.

Avoiding processed foods, as they often contain animal products, helps in the weight loss process to finally achieve the goals.
Patients looking for a diet to solve their increased cholesterol and blood pressure should consider the Vegan diet. With the natural foods that are being consumed and the lack of animal products that contain fats, the cholesterol can be reduced. With the decrease in processed foods that are consumed also comes a decrease in the amount of sodium in the diet, helping to reduce the blood pressure.

Though it may take time to convert to a Vegan lifestyle, the benefits far outweigh the small sacrifices that are going to be made from the current diet. It can be an effective way to prevent illness by eating healthy and fresh, whole foods.

Vegan Diet Food Options

The variety of options within a vegan diet are really quite numerous and growing every day. Vegan foods are also far more convenient and tasty than popular opinion once thought. As the vegan lifestyle grows in popularity, more and more cookbooks and creative vegan substitutes are put out on the market. Along with this trend, the price of these foods has decreased to a level where such a diet is not unaffordable for the everyday healthy eater. For every meal, there are great alternatives to an omnivore diet that are tasty as well.

While a breakfast devoid of bacon and eggs may seem bleak, the morning meal has plenty of options to feed those cravings. Oatmeal is a simple dish to make and adding fruit, nuts, or nondairy milk is an easy way to boost the taste. There are a few different pancake mix brands that are vegan, paired with a fruit and soy yogurt smoothie for a very satisfying breakfast.

Those who work or have busy lives during the day usually only have a few quick minutes for lunch. Fortunately there are vegan options that are fast and delicious. Bean burritos are a convenient option, taking only minutes in the microwave. Just a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, perhaps with a few slices of banana or strawberries in the middle, makes a great vegan lunch option.

Though dinner may be when a new vegan most misses meat, there are plenty of faux meat products on the market. These can be substituted into any chili, soup, pasta, or stir fry recipe with ease.

For every meal, there are a multitude of incredible vegan foods to fill any grumbling stomach. Shopping somewhere that has a health focus will likely provide more options and an easier grocery trip for any vegan eater.

The Basics Of Vegan Diets

Have you ever wondered how stick thin models manage to maintain their bodies? Many of them have turned their lifestyles around to incorporate healthy eating by eliminating fatty foods. Some have gone vegetarian and have given up eating meat. Others go even further than that by going on vegan diets.

Many people confuse vegetarianism with vegan diets. Vegetarians eliminate meat, fish, and poultry in their diet while vegans take it one notch further. They also exclude dairy and eggs and other foods that are animal by-products. Meals of those who are on the vegan diet typically include fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. Other foods that you could include in your meals are the following:

1.) Soy products
2.) Organic canola, olive and sesame oils, and coconut oil
3.) Whole grain cereals, breads, and pasta
4.) Organic corn chips
5.) Tofu ice cream or any dessert that is sweetened only with cane juice, maple syrup, raw sugar, and other unrefined products

For someone who is on vegan diets you can typically aim for 6 servings of grains such as whole grain bread, 5 servings of legumes, nuts, and other sources of protein like peanut butter, chickpeas, and tofu. You will also need to include 4 servings of vegetables everyday, 2 servings of fruits, and 2 servings of healthy fats such as olive oil or sesame oil. If you think that vegans cannot have all the fun then you are wrong. Vegans can also enjoy desserts like cupcakes, pies, and cookies but these have to be made without butter, eggs, or any ingredient that includes animal by-products.

If you are interested in turning your diet around then you could start gradually. Begin with small changes like instead of making chicken stir-fry you could switch to tofu. You can make grilled veggie burgers instead of using beef patties. The health benefits of going on vegan diets is countless. It could be the start to a healthier, more beautiful version of yourself.